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The final twist in the game, where it's revealed that Spoiler:the entire Danganronpa franchise was actually a reality television show spanning fifty-three seasons, was made with the intention to "bring a more interesting idea to the fans". As noted by Kazutaka Kodaka:

"We put what we felt would be fun and interesting into a game and this goes for Danganronpa V3 too. We don’t think about making a game that would fit what fans would expect. We are proud of the ending because lately there aren’t many games that have fans debate over the ending.

The Western culture really likes Spoiler:reality TV and it’s really popular there. Because of that, I feel the Western culture will have different views on the ending and I’m excited to see if the Western gamers would be able to accept the ending more compared to Japan who is focused on the characters and character popularity. If you are focused on the characters you might find the ending strange or very sad."

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