The tours in the game were at one point named after Nintendo franchises, including [The Legend of] Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Metroid, D.K., Yoshi, Wario, Star Fox, and the Ultra 64, which was the original name for the Nintendo 64.
Contributed by freezestar
Some names can't be used in the "Rename player" function; the game simply responds with "Not cool enough" if you try to enter one. Most are swears, slang terms (some rather dirty), or occult-related items Nintendo would rather not be associated with; some of these words are only considered "dirty" in Europe.
Contributed by Cavery210
Entering Sonic or Sega as your name will make the game respond with "Not Cool Enough".
Contributed by DeerBoarDude
The developers of Uniracers were sued by Pixar Animation Studios for allegedly copying the unicycle design from their short Red's Dream. Pixar won the case and as a result, Nintendo was forced to pull Uniracers off the shelves after distributing 300,000 units.
Contributed by Antwan