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In the initial release of "The Ancient Gods - Part One" DLC on October 20, 2020, pressing the dedicated Chainsaw button four times while on the Runes tab of the Dossier would bring up an altered logo for the game reading "Doog Eternal". This is a reference to Inugami Korone, a Japanese virtual YouTuber who livestreamed Doom 64 and Doom (2016) in the past. She enjoyed using the Chainsaw weapon and she was nicknamed by her fan community as "Doog Slayer" (a play on the fact that her model is a humanoid dog).

Three days later, the Easter egg was removed from the game in the Version 3.1 update. The patch notes acknowledged the discovery, but the reason why it was removed remains unknown:

"The DOOG easter egg has been removed, but will live on in infamy… We were wondering how long it would take for someone to notice, and as always, we're impressed with the community's speed!"

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