Attachment The Commodore 64 version of Bionic Commando has a soundtrack provided by chiptune composer Tim Follin. Every song begins as a direct cover of its source material, but eventually completely changes into a techno-inspired tune with a more unique sound. The composition of these pieces was, according to Follin in the C64 disk magazine Lethal News, quite reflective of their production, where the job began as a port of the original song before naturally changing to something different:

"Actually it's an arcade conversion... or lets say it started like an arcade conversion! what happened was, i started converting the titletune, and it just developed, slipped out of my grip and became something, what was very different from what i had in mind, at the beginning. quite messy!"
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 6, 2024
Tim Follin interview talking about Bionic Commando:

Bionic Commando Arcade Music:

Bionic Commando C64 Music - diverges from its source material at 0:38:
Attachment In Japan, the game was titled "Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top Secret" which translates to "The Resurrection of Hitler: Top Secret". The western release was drastically altered to not feature any mention of Nazism with the enemy changed to the "Badds". The leader of the enemy's name was changed from Weizmann to Killt and the final boss who was Hitler revived was named Master-D, however his appearance still remains the same.

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