July 21, 2002
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An NPC character that appears early in the game is known as Cleric Joy, which is a nod to Pokemon's Nurse Joy. Clerics are depicted as healers, which fits Nurse Joy excellently.
Attachment In Yokai Island, there is a tournament called the DragonKoi Tournament, a parody of Dragonball. Many of the characters here are parodies of characters from Japanese media:

Bash Ketchup: Ash Ketchum, Pokémon
Pockey Chew: Pikachu, Pokémon
NOTruto: Naruto, Naruto
Neko Yasha: InuYasha, InuYasha
Absolute Zero: Subzero, Mortal Kombat
Spork-ion: Scorpion, Mortal Kombat
Ryoku: Ryu, Street Fighter and Goku, Dragon Ball
Docked atop the The "Stairway to Haven" in Mythsong is a zeppelin made of lead, which together refer to the band Led Zeppelin, and their song Stairway to Heaven. The area also contains several other references to other musicians.
Several areas within the Chopping Maul are parodies of real life stores:
GraveStop: GameStop. GraveStop also has a poster for "LEFT 4 UNDEAD 2", a reference to Left 4 Dead 2.
Scarbucks coffee: Starbucks coffee
Mortisha's Secret: Victora's Secret
Bloodbath & Body Works: Bath & Body Works
Waldencrooks: Waldenbooks
Radioactive Shack: RadioShack
The Body Shop: The Body Shop
Painless ShoeSource: Payless ShoeSource
General Necromancy Center: General Nutrition Center
Dekay Jewelers: Kay Jewelers
Attachment A helmet and armor that resemble Slender Man are possible rewards for spinning either the Wheel of Destiny or the Wheel of Doom.

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