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Prior to the release of the official Japanese version, Japanese audiences, who previously experienced the game through various fan translations, frequently debated about how Sans would refer to himself in dialogue. In the Japanese language, there are multiple first-person singular pronouns, each with their own distinct connotations. Among Japanese fans, the common consensus was that Sans would either refer to himself with 僕 ("boku") or 俺 ("ore"). While both pronouns are masculine, the former has an informal and "boyish" connotation, while the latter typically indicates brashness.

Once the Japanese localization came out, audiences were surprised to discover that Sans instead refers to himself with オイラ ("oira"), a relatively archaic pronoun which is commonly associated with hillbillies (though milder in connotation than おら, "ora"), only using "ore" during his sterner moments. The atypical choice of pronoun resulted in #オイラショック ("#OiraShock") becoming a trending topic on Twitter in Japan, with many fanartists in the country responding by making tongue-in-cheek drawings riffing on it.
person VinchVolt calendar_month January 7, 2024
Kotaku article about the "Oria Shock" phenomenon:

Legends of Localization article on first-person pronouns in Japanese that uses Sans as an example of "oira":

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