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In the Sega Master System version of Rampart, there is unused text that reads "Jeff Spangenberg is a weenie", referring to Punk Development's founder. Coder Kevin Seghetti would explain this quip in an interview:

"I was in the middle of doing Rampart for RazorSoft at Punk Development when Jeff [Spangenberg] and I had a disagreement. I was helping Scott Statton debug the latest Genesis development system boards which had just come back from fab, and Jeff told me to get back to work on Rampart. I reminded him that I was doing Rampart under contract, I wasn't his employee, and he [didn't] get to tell me what to do. After a few more rounds of comments, which included him standing directly in front of me (he is quite tall) in an attempt at physical intimidation (which ended with me saying, "Go ahead and hit me, I could use the money"), he took the only action he could, which was to tell me I was no longer welcome in the Punk Development offices. So I packed up my stuff and moved it home and finished development of Rampart from there. So that comment is just a good-natured jab at him."

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