Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken - Haou he no Michi
Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken - Haou he no Michi
November 20, 1992
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Raoh and Heart are the only characters in the game who cannot crouch and subsequently cannot block low. Raoh not being able to crouch is consistent with his personality in the Fist of the North Star series, as he constantly strives for domination and refuses to be subordinate to others. It is allegedly explained in the game's manual that Raoh does not crouch because "it's not like a king to kneel", but it is not known where in the manual this is mentioned.
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Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshoukem - Haou he no Michi manual (I have machine translated several:

Video of Raoh's inability to crouch and block low and manual claim:

Fist of the North Star English manga translation (see Volume 8, Chapter 97 [page 55 in file reader] for example of Raoh's complete refusal to back down):

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