Dog's Life holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Named Characters Voiced in a Videogame by a Single Actor", with 32 of the game's characters being voiced by Kerry Shale.
Originally, the protagonist of Dog's Life was going to be a female dog named Gem, named for the real-world dog of Frontier Developments chairman David Braben.
Attachment In the Japanese and original European versions of Dog's Life, there is product placement for Pedigree dog food. In the US, this was swapped for a fictional brand, Chow Chow.
At the end of the game, Spoiler:the villain Ms. Peaches is fed into a cat food machine followed by cans of cat food falling off a conveyor belt. In the Japanese version, the scene showing her being fed into the machine is completely blacked out and replaced with sounds of Ms. Peaches struggling. Some of the sprites have also been changed in the ending as well. However, the Japanese version added a gun-cocking sound which the American version did not have.
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