King's Field: The Ancient City
King's Field: The Ancient City
October 4, 2001
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In the King's Mausoleum, there is a very dark room you can go to that has several stone faces hanging from the ceiling, and a stone pedestal in the center of the room that can be set on fire to brighten it (to better hear this Easter egg, you should not light it, and turn off the music). If you stand in front of the pedestal, several distorted voices can be heard throughout the room. Reversing them reveals that they are actually voice clips of the Radio Operators from the English dub of Armored Core 2: Another Age.
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King's Field IV - Secret Message:

GameFAQs thread researching the origin of the voices (with several YouTube links listed below to Armored Core 2: Another Age walkthrough with each used voice line):

"won't let us down":

"the Indies terrorist movement":

"remaining units without any problem":

"Kregg Fortress has been attacked":

"safely at Kregg Fortress":

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