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In a 1994 interview with the game's planner Hidehiro Fujiwara published in the Gamest mook vol.6, he was asked why the team wanted to make a new Darius game 5 years after the release of Darius II. He responded that because of his heavy involvement in the first two games, he made a new game because he loves the Darius series:

"Right now it's a very tough time for STG games, and if you don't make something suitably impressive, it won't sell. That being the case, the Darius franchise is one that Taito has confidence in. And it has name recognition. Taito also just finished making the new F3 motherboard, which is very powerful, and I really wanted to make a Darius game that would fully utilize this new hardware. It's a game I've really wanted to make, in other words."

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