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Company: Interplay

Interplay producers were known to unnecessarily modify games for the simple reason of wanting to prove value - the artist for the Queen in Battle Chess worked around this by drawing a pet duck following the Queen on all of her animations to bait the producers into removing the duck instead of content the team wanted to keep.
Also Appears On: Battle Chess (Game)
In 2015, internet artists Chris O'Neil and Psychicpebbles were commissioned to make a trailer for a cancelled reboot of ClayFighter, and made a commercial actively mocking Interplay and the ClayFighter brand, showing quotes from negative reviews, referring to low-quality Interplay games, bait-and-switching an Earthworm Jim reboot, and having a narrator who has a disappointed tone of voice when he discovers that he is announcing ClayFighter.

According to Psychicpebbles, the CEO of Interplay was "braindead" and did not pick up on the self-deprecation.
Also Appears On: OneyWare (Company), ClayFighter (Collection)
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on September 23, 2023
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