Danganronpa: Live or Die
Danganronpa: Live or Die
April 16, 2023
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The idea of giving each of the characters a favorite song was inspired by another Danganronpa fangame, Danganronpa V4 Rocky Restarts.
Each of the game's chapters is named after a different song:

• The prologue is named "Children of the Grave", after the song by Black Sabbath.
• Chapter 1 is named "The Struggle for Survival", after the song by Riverside.
• Chapter 2 is named "To Live is to Die", after the song by Metallica.
• Chapter 3 is named "Only the Good Die Young", after the song by Iron Maiden.
• Chapter 4 is named "Mandatory Suicide", after the song by Slayer.
• Chapter 5 is named "In Fiction", after the song by Isis.
• Chapter 6 is named "Another Version of the Truth", after the song by Nine Inch Nails.
• While not named after a song, the bonus story "Synthetic Love" is named after the album by Trevor Something.

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