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October 31, 1996
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subdirectory_arrow_right Hitman: Blood Money (Game), Red Zone (Game)
The song "Apocalypse" in Hitman: Blood Money's soundtrack is a re-worked version of a song that composer Jesper Kyd used in two previous games he worked on. The song was first written for the Sega Genesis game Red Zone in 1994 and released under the name "Spinner", was then re-worked for the PC and Sega Saturn game Amok in 1996 under the name "Wastelands", before being remade once more for Hitman: Blood Money in 2006 under the name "Apocalypse".
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Red Zone - Spinner (1994):

Amok - Wastelands (1996):

Hitman: Blood Money - Apocalypse (2006):

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