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During the events at Warrior's Roost's "Riot Peak" challenge, the player is assisted by a black robed guardian.

Upon completing the Riot Peak Normal class, the player will meet with and be challenged by the guardian, who reveals himself to be Veigue Lungberg, the main character of Tales of Rebirth. Upon defeating him, the player earns the Laevatein sword for Asbel. Veigue will also put in a Request for the player to find a sword named "Requiem" for him.

The player can challenge Veigue again any time they desire after winning or losing to him, although should the player challenge him after winning, they will have to fight him solo with the character they have chosen.

The player can also battle Amber Hearts from Tales of Hearts, and Reala from Tales of Destiny 2, within the bonus dungeon "Zhonecage." When beaten, they give out requests for certain weapons. Once these requests are fulfilled, Amber and Reala can fight alongside Veigue in the final battle of Riot Peak.

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