December 1, 1990
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Attachment The theme music of the RoboCop game from Ocean Software was later reused in a commercial for Ariston washing machines in the United Kingdom. It was then covered by YouTuber CBoyardee for the animation Dilbert 3. This cover version was then later sampled in a song by Lil B (AKA Based God) called "In Down Bad".
subdirectory_arrow_right RoboCop (Game), RoboCop (Game), RoboCop (Game)
According to composer Jonathan Dunn, RoboCop's theme song was concieved at his mother's restaurant when it was closed at night after its weekly live jazz night:

"At the time I was still living at home, which was above my mother's restaurant in Preston. We had a piano in the restaurant as my mum would have live jazz nights once a week. I would often sit at the piano after the restaurant was closed and come up with a few ideas. One of those was the chord riff for RoboCop. To this day if I'm near a piano I'm always tempted to play it; it's a lovely nostalgic feeling."

He did note how unfitting the song was to source material, but did not explain why it was chosen for the game.

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