Puggsy features a secret level unlockable by completing a math question hidden in the credits. The level contains nothing but the words "ALL LEVELS COMPLETE" and "REV 22v21", the latter being the citation for a Christian Bible verse reading:

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen"

This Easter egg was added to the game by Traveler Tales' founder Jon Burton, a devout Christian.
In June 2022, cut video game content website The Cutting Room Floor leaked the ROM of an unreleased version planned for the SNES.

According to designer and programmer Jim Burton, publisher Psygnosis cancelled it when it was 80% complete due to poor sales of the Genesis version.
Attachment When playing an emulated or pirated copy of the game, only five levels and a final boss are playable. After beating the final boss, a screen will come up telling the player to play a cartridge version of the game and will not allow the full version of the game to play.

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