Gothic II
Gothic II
There is a large wooden dam blocking a river known as the Great Orc Wall that, according to the game's plot, blocks off large hordes of orcs from entering the Isle of Khorinis. In reality, this wall is here to prevent the player from moving out of bounds easily. It is possible however to make it over the orc wall by crossing the river and climbing a mountain near a specific part of the wall that is connected with the land. After making it over to the other side, you may find this sign written by "The mighty alien dwarf" and signed with a crude smiley face:

"Ok man, you made it behind the great orc wall
as you see, the story of the orcish hordes
behind this wall, is a complete fake
there is nothing more to find here...
this place is abandoned,
it's the end of the world.

But me (a mighty alien dwarf, which not
depends to this game story, and which name
is not of public interest here!) wanted to
warn you. You've been tricked to believe a
story, wich is not true. (they want to get you!)

Do not believe anything they say.
Keep your eyes open !
The mighty alien dwarf"
Contributed by MehDeletingLater