Yo! Noid 2
August 1, 2017
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The entrance to the final boss in Yo! Noid 2, where the player must hurl a dice into a TV screen showing Mike Hatsune's head, is assumed by many players to be a reference to another 1980s commercial, the "1984" commercial for Macintosh computers aired in 1983 and during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984, where a woman throws a sledgehammer into a TV screen showing the face of a Big Brother figure. Despite "literally everyone" he has seen play the game making the comparison, Aska, who designed this portion of the stage, said this was unintentional and he simply wanted something fragile to make it clear that the dice could be hurled, with a cracked TV screen working as the stage already had a lot of TV screens.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month February 8, 2024
Developer interview:

Article discussing the "1984" ad's airing during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984:

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