The original Xbox release of Shrek is noted as being the first commercial game to use "deferred shading," a technique where light is only calculated for the pixels it actually interacts with, meaning multiple light sources can be used at a lower cost than standard shading techniques and allowing the game to better imitate the ambient lighting of the original film. This technique would later be seen in Battlefield 1942, another game developed by DICE and released the following year.
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In the "Extra Large" re-release of the game for the Nintendo GameCube, if you manage to get out of bounds and fall into the void, Shrek will be teleported to a dimly-lit area that is an exact replica of the inside of a Nintendo GameCube. Once inside, all cheats become disabled, and the player cannot escape. Even the pause menu is disabled, meaning the game is soft-locked and the only solution is to reset the GameCube.
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