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It is often said that Mega Man was once used as Capcom's mascot in the 1980s, in a similar way to how Nintendo and Sega use Mario and Sonic respectively. Like many other statements of platforming characters being used as corporate mascots, this is untrue, as Mega Man has never been used to promote the wider Capcom brand of software outside of his own games or crossovers in which he appears. However, Capcom did have a mascot in the 1980s: the titular hero of Captain Commando - many earlier NES Capcom games were branded as part of the "Captain Commando Challenge Series", including licensed titles such as DuckTales, with game manuals having signed messages "written" by Captain Commando. Despite this, Captain Commando was never released on the NES.

Capcom's former community manager Seth Killian addressed Capcom's current lack of a mascot and Mega Man's use as an unofficial mascot on the Capcom-Unity forums in 2009:

"...we don't have an "official" mascot. We have a logo, that’s it.

As far as unofficial mascots go, however, yes, MM would definitely be that. I have actually heard someone discuss this, and I think the reasoning was something akin to Mega Man best embodying the spirit of the company.

So apparently in addition to making great games, Capcom is also here to save the planet from overthrow by evil robot masters (and according to recorded history so far, I'd say we're doing pretty well–2009 and still no overthrows)."
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 15, 2023
Example of a Challenge Series manual:

Example of a Challenge Series box:

Seth Killian on Capcom's mascot:

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