Thief: The Dark Project
Thief: The Dark Project
November 30, 1998
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Attachment When playing the game's tutorial "A Keeper's Training" on Expert mode, a secret room can be found after you finish the sword fight with the Sparring Partner. You must run to the table behind the sparring arena and pick up the key, and then follow the Sparring Partner into the hallway he walked out of. This must be done quickly as a set of bars will lower to prevent entry not long after he re-enters the hallway. Once in the hallway, continue past him to the right until you see a locked door. You can then either use the key to unlock it or bash the door open with the sword. Inside this room is a pair of crudely-modeled basketball hoops, complete with a basketball that can be equipped and thrown, and in the very back of the room, a Bedroll can be found containing a set of humorous quotes attributed to the developers during the making of the game.

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