Living Books: Green Eggs and Ham
Living Books: Green Eggs and Ham
September 23, 1996
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The end of the story has the two main characters walking off into the sunset with one of them saying "You know, Sam, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship", referencing a line from the ending of the 1942 film "Casablanca".
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While The Cat in the Hat was able to have an interactive read-along based off his own story by Living Books, he would also show up as an Easter egg in the other 2 interactive read-alongs of Dr. Seuss books. In Dr. Seuss's ABC, he will appear if you click on one of the C's on the Letter C page. In Green Eggs and Ham, he will jump out of the box featured on page 17 when clicking on it.
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Dr. Seuss's ABC Easter egg:

Green Eggs and Ham Easter egg:

The Cat in the Hat read-along story:

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