January 10, 2014
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subdirectory_arrow_right MY5TCrimson (Company)
Sally.Exe was intended to be an unofficial adaptation of the creepypasta of the same name, similar to how MY5TCrimson's previous game Sonic.exe was based on the titular creepypasta. However, since the game's release, he found out that the "Sally.exe" creepypasta was a rip-off of a YouTube video that predated the creepypasta, and feeling that this made the game a rip-off by extension, he decided to no longer support the title and disassociate himself from it. Despite this, he left the option to download the game available.

Additionally, MY5TCrimson has acknowledged that the game was never meant to be a serious project, and while he was glad by its success, he felt it was time to "put my effort into more ambitious games that aren't just cheap jump-scare material" (i.e. his upcoming game Shrouded).
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month November 11, 2023
Sally.exe fangame by MY5TCrimson:

Sally.exe creepypasta:

Video which the Sally.exe creepypasta ripped off:

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