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An animated feature film of Dragon's Lair has been talked about but has never made it off of the drawing board. After the success of the Dragon's Lair video game in the arcades, Don Bluth wanted to make an animated feature based off of the game. The movie was scrapped in 1984.

An animated series of Dragon's Lair was later made, but Don Bluth had no part in making the show other than handing over model sheets of the characters to the people who were developing the show. Changes to the designs were made, and the result of this left Don Bluth later disliking the series.

According to Don Bluth's biography from John Cawley's website, Bluth later developed a story for a Dragon's Lair movie entitled "Dragon's Lair: The Legend". It focused on a teenage Dirk, as well as his origins with Princess Daphne. Dragon's Lair: The Legend followed many different concepts from the game, such as consideration for making Dirk talk, which would later lead to the character being mute due to a spell that was cast upon him.

Don Bluth considered Michael J Fox to voice Dirk for the feature. Don later pitched Dragon's Lair: The Legend to a studio, but they disagreed to go forward with it, thus development for the film was scrapped once again.

In 2013, in an interview with Don Bluth on the 30th anniversary of Dragon's Lair, Don announced that he would consider bringing back the Dragon's Lair movie as a Kickstarter project.

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