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Chicken McNugget Tetris was the first McDonald's LCD game known to have been released in 13 years, following the 2010 McDigital series in Thailand and Malaysia. It was also the first McDonald's LCD game to be released outside of the Happy Meal line of products.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 16, 2023
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Attachment In 2021, an auction was put up on eBay for an "Among Us-shaped chicken nugget", supposedly obtained from the McDonald's promotional tie-in meal with the K-Pop boy band BTS. This played off of a then-recent meme depicting Among Us players as suffering from pareidolia and mistaking simple everyday objects for impostors, the general cultural distaste for boy bands like BTS, and a viral 2017 eBay listing of a Cheeto supposedly shaped like the deceased gorilla Harambe. The nugget would come alongside a packet of Szechuan Sauce, a McDonald's condiment that had received a controversial limited release provoked by a joke in "The Rickshank Redemption", an episode of the animated series Rick & Morty. The auction sold to user polizna for $99,997.00 USD, outclassing the price of the Harambe Cheeto by $97.00.
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In 2004, a commercial for Sonic Heroes McDonald's Happy Meal LCD games was aired in Pakistan. This advert would become infamous abroad for the low quality of its CGI animation, with inexpressive and off-model Sonic characters playing sports. In particular, the segment for Amy & Rouge Tennis (incorrectly called "Rogue & Amy Tennis" by the narrator) features a version of Rouge the Bat who is unclothed and resembles a mouse, and the segment for Tails Soccer has a one-tailed Tails performing an own-goal.

An English-language reupload of the commercial has managed to amass over 8 million views as of 2023, and in 2015 the Sonic the Hedgehog social media pages acknowledged the commercial as being "creepy".
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 9, 2023