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subdirectory_arrow_right Among Us (Game), Rick and Morty (Franchise)
In 2021, an auction was put up on eBay for an "Among Us-shaped chicken nugget", supposedly obtained from the McDonald's promotional tie-in meal with the K-Pop boy band BTS. This played off of a then-recent meme depicting Among Us players as suffering from pareidolia and mistaking simple everyday objects for impostors, the general cultural distaste for boy bands like BTS, and a viral 2017 eBay listing of a Cheeto supposedly shaped like the deceased gorilla Harambe. The nugget would come alongside a packet of Szechuan Sauce, a McDonald's condiment that had received a controversial limited release provoked by a joke in "The Rickshank Redemption", an episode of the animated series Rick & Morty. The auction sold to user polizna for $99,997.00 USD, outclassing the price of the Harambe Cheeto by $97.00.

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