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The ZX Spectrum release of Bomberman was renamed Eric and the Floaters to prevent association with a series of terrorist bombings performed by Irish republican groups during The Troubles in 1984.
Attachment A game tentatively titled "Bomberman" was originally planned for release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. From what little footage and screenshots exist of the game, it appeared to have similar gameplay to Bomberman 64, while also being one of the only games in the series to have Bomberman use a health bar instead of health stock. The game would have centered around Bomberman as he tries to save Central City from a robotics corporation, while possibly getting turned into a robot himself as implied by the game's tentative box art. It would have also had a Battle Mode similar to previous entries in the series that was rumored to be compatible with future Bomberman games for the 3DS should those have been made.

The game was announced in an overview trailer released in February of 2011 showcasing games for the 3DS that would release later that year, but was cancelled the following month due to the closure and acquisition of Hudson Soft by Konami.