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Contrary to popular belief, and unlike the other fairy tale mockbusters released on game consoles by Phoenix Games, the animated cartoons included in Peter Pan, Adventures of Pinocchio, Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys, Cinderella, and Hansel & Gretel were not made by Dingo Pictures, but rather Longsoft Multimedia.
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Dingo Pictures is a German animation company founded in 1992 by Ludwig Ickert and Roswitha Haas. The company primarily made traditionally-animated films based on fairy tales and other similar concepts used by the likes of Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. However, their films are notorious for their low-budget animation, small voice casts, and character designs visibly similar to equivalent characters in more high-profile films. The films in question have been dubbed into Scandinavian languages (i.e. Swedish), as well as Romance languages (i.e. Italian), as well as being released direct-to-video in their original German language.

European game publishers Phoenix Games and Midas Games released some of Dingo Pictures' films from the early 2000s onto the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Developed by The Code Monkeys, these releases included the original film, and a selection of minigames. Phoenix Games would later declare bankruptcy on August 3, 2010, though this would later be suspended due to lack of income.
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