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Mass Effect 2
When exploring Donovan Hock's vault in the DLC 'Kasumi: Stealing Memory', there is a statue of an ogre from the Dragon Age series; another game franchise created by BioWare.
Snake Rattle 'n Roll
The entire structure of the seventh level is designed to spell out "NINTENDO" and "GAME BOY", the latter which was released the same year as Snake Rattle 'n Roll. In the Genesis/Mega Drive version, the messages are altered to "SNAKE R+R" and "GO SEGA" respectively.
Contributed by Superjustinbros
Super Mario 64
There are murals on the pillars in Bowser in the Sky depicting the original Bowser from Super Mario Bros.
Contributed by ummwat
The xylophone that Mumbo plays in the intro is the same xylophone that appears in Candy Kong's Music Shop in Donkey Kong 64.
Contributed by Culex_DarkKnight
StarCraft II
During the fourth mission "Harvest of Screams", in the Heart of The Swarm expansion, you can see a set of armor frozen into the side of a cliff. This is the Lich King's armor, a reference to the second expansion of World of Warcraft, "Wrath of the Lich King".
Contributed by cross307
StarCraft II
During the mission "Piercing the Shroud", you can find a Metroid from the Metroid series in one of the many containers in the background. These containers can't be interacted with, and are just decoration.
Contributed by cross307
Epic Mickey
There is a hidden room on Mickeyjunk Mountain containing a basketball backboard. It is a tribute to a secret half court in the peak of the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride at Disneyland which employees built for use between shifts.
Contributed by Shellcreeper
The Water Land theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 was later used as the theme for the Fairy Fountains in the Legend of Zelda series.
Contributed by usyboroda
Sonic Generations
After finishing Green Hill Zone as modern Sonic, Sonic will mention to Tails that the area seems awfully familiar, with Tails saying "not to me." Green Hill Zone was from Sonic 1, while Tails didn't come into the series until Sonic 2, meaning Tails would have no memory of the area.
Contributed by PheonixGRX
Pokemon Colosseum
Spoiler:After you've caught every Shadow Pokémon except one, a trainer appears at Outskirt Stand. His entire team, except his Shadow Togetic, will be made up of the Pokémon that replaced the Cipher Admins' Shadow Pokémon during their rematches. Before the battle begins, he also states "I am you and you are me and we are all together," a line from The Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus".
Contributed by Stingray0097
Super Mario Galaxy 2
There is a level called the Throwback Galaxy. This level is the same as Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64 with a few changes and improved graphics. In the level, a Bob-omb Buddy mentions that Mario looks familiar, most likely referencing that he remembers him from Super Mario 64.
Contributed by Charlie
Crusader: No Remorse
Mission 9 was based on Origin Systems offices in 1995. The level (designed by developer Mel Green) contains a maze to the south of the map where in real life Customer Support and Quality Assurance were located, and a square table in the middle which was in real life nicknamed the "Detention Hall." The northern end of the map is where the team for Crusader was located.
Contributed by ThisIsGamer
One achievement in Minecraft is called "The Lie", which includes making a cake. This is a nod to Portal's famous meme, "The Cake Is A Lie". Also, the achievement for entering the nether in the PC version is called "We Need To Go Deeper", which is a reference of the multi-layered dream based plot of "Inception".
Contributed by ORWELL6
Grand Theft Auto IV
In The Lost and Damned expansion, a car called Rhapsody can be found in Alderney and Bohan. The Rhapsody is based off of an AMC Pacer, the model driven by Wayne and Garth in the movie, Wayne's World. The car's name is a reference to the scene in which Wayne and Garth sing the Bohemian Rhapsody song in Wayne's World. The front of the Rhapsody features a 'W' for its badge, indicating Wayne's World, and on the inside of the car in a picture of Wayne and Garth.
Contributed by PheonixGRX
Kirby Super Star
There are a number of references to other Nintendo games in the items collected for "The Great Cave Offensive". They are as follows:

•Mr. Saturn: Mother series
•Bucket: Mario and Wario (Japan-only release)
•Koopa Shell: Super Mario series
•Pegasus' Wing: Kid Icarus
•Falcon Helmet: F-Zero series
•Screw Attack: Metroid series
•Kong Barrel: Donkey Kong series
•Triforce: Legend of Zelda series
•Gold Watering Can: Animal Crossing series
•Falchion: Fire Emblem
Contributed by PheonixGRX
Series: Infamous
Cole's sling bag has the logo from Sly Cooper on its back.
Contributed by TheTrueBoss997
Red Dead Redemption
In the Undead Nightmare DLC, there is a trophy/achievement called "Six Years In The Making." For the achievement, you have to "Find and kill a Sasquatch." The title of the achievement is a reference to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas where there is a popular myth that Bigfoot exist in the game.
Contributed by TheTrueBoss997
Dragon Age: Origins
Originally, the character Shale was meant to be the size of the other golems in the game. However, the developers had trouble with her fitting through doors and originally cut the character entirely. Thanks to a delay in the release schedule, they had some extra time and decided to create a new, smaller character model for Shale. This is referenced in the game as she said she was "chiseled down" by her previous owner.
Contributed by Hipserious
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Pier 69, located San Fierro, is clearly modeled and named after the San Francisco tourist attraction Pier 39. A prime example of Rockstar Games' satirical style, the name is also a parody of the 69 sexual position.
Paper Mario
In Boo Mansion, if the player goes through the door across the hall from the entrance and jump in the jar inside, Mario will come out of the jar looking like his original 8-bit sprite from Super Mario Bros.
Contributed by ecylisis
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