Chase the Chuck Wagon
Chase the Chuck Wagon
November 1, 1983
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There has been a trend of retrospective reviews and historical content relating to the North American video game crash of 1983 mentioning Chase the Chuck Wagon as a contributing game to the crash, despite the fact that it only had a limited mail-order release and was not the first product-placement-based video game. This is theorized by the blog/website "Bad Game Hall of Fame" to be the result of a quote from the G4 docuseries Icons that was taken out of context, referring to a proliferation of companies trying to branch into video games as opposed to any specific games or the use of product placement, with the mistaken belief that Chase the Chuck Wagon was published or developed by Purina itself like with Quaker Oats' "U.S. Games" brand. The quote in question reads:

"Toy companies like Parker Brothers and Hasbro form video game divisions. But when unrelated companies like Chuck Wagon dog food and Quaker Oats jump on-board, the market begins to turn."

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