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The sidequest "The Prodigy" is an extended reference to the English electropunk band of the same name:

• The central character of the sidequest is a bard named and designed after Prodigy frontman Keith Flint. Keith can be found in the kingdom of Essex, the real Flint's homeland.
• Keith explains that the Bishop of Ruins has condemned his music as immoral, referencing the Prodigy's controversial reputation in their native UK.
• Keith states that Eivor's appearance is "surely an omen," referencing the Prodigy's 2009 single "Omen".
• During and after the fistight with the Bishop of Ruins, Keith sings "smack my bishop," playing on the Prodigy's 1997 single "Smack My Bitch Up".

Kristen McGorry, one of the game's writers, confirmed on Twitter that the allusions were an intentional tribute to Flint, who died the year before the game's release.

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