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Disney's Animated Storybook: Toy Story and Toy Story Activity Center were developed by a devision of Pixar known as the Interactive Products Group, which exclusively made video game content. The division was closed down when the Toy Story 2 movie entered production, and merged into Pixar's main movie animation staff, as the animators behind the first film were working on A Bug's Life and the IPG had already proved itself by making as many frames of animation for their games as there was in the first Toy Story, with a near-identical quality. Due to the shuttering of the IPG, later Pixar PC games using pre-rendered graphics, such as A Bug's Life Activity Center and Monsters, Inc. Scream Team Training, would have significantly lower quality animation than the movies, and Toy Story would be the only Pixar film to have an Animated Storybook based on it.
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In the Toy Story films, Woody has a holster for a gun attached to his leg, but no pistol. This is not a missing play piece, as his near-mint condition is a major plot point in Toy Story 2, leading many Pixar fans to wonder why Woody lacks a gun in-universe, beyond the obvious out-universe censorship.

In the Toy Story 3 video game, there is a collectible Woody's Roundup card titled "Gunless Law", which led some fans - particularly Disney theory YouTube channel SuperCarlinBrothers, who first made the connection - to believe that Woody's empty holster is a metaphorical symbol of an anti-violence statement from the producers of Woody's Roundup.
Attachment Jim Hanks, the brother of actor Tom Hanks, provides the voice for Woody, who his brother Tom plays in the films, in the video games and other Toy Story related media and merchandise.