Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
December 3, 1998
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In the Beetle Forest during the capture training tutorial with Koris, the Blue Cocoon Master, the player will normally receive an Arpatron as their starter minion. However, if a PocketStation is plugged into Memory Card Slot 1, the exclusive starter minion called Vatolka will be caught instead.

The element of the Vatolka is determined by finding the unique ID provided by the PocketStation's serial number represented by "XXYYYYYY" (with "XX" referring to the hexadecimal ASCII value of the PocketStation's letter on the serial number, and "YYYYYY" referring to the result when converting the numbers on the serial number from decimal to hexadecimal), then performing modulo 4 on it. Based on that result, your Vatolka's element can turn out to be either Fire with a 0, Air with a 1, Earth with a 2, or Water with a 3.

Through the use of transferring saves between the ePSXe and Xebra/Arbex emulators, it is possible to have captured both Vatolka and Arpatron in the same save file. Furthermore, they count as having captured two different minions, despite them sharing the same in-game slot in the Minion List.

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