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Franchise: Invader Zim

When Smite launched its Nickelodeon crossover event, multiple characters were not voiced by their original voice actors.

• Invader Zim was voiced by Andrew Russell instead of Richard Horvitz
• Rocko was voiced by Matt Cowlrick instead of Carlos Alazraqui
• Jenny was voiced by Jenny Yokobori instead of Janice Kawaye
• Danny Phantom was voiced by Sean Chiplock instead of David Kaufman
• Powdered Toast Man was voiced by Michael Berger instead of David Kaye, his current voice actor and replacement for the now-deceased Gary Owens.

Original Zim voice actor Richard Horvitz claimed that he was not allowed to reprise the role of Zim due to Hi-Rez Studios refusing to work with union actors, and that he felt insulted by the temporary recast.

For Jenny, Rocko, and Zim, this is the first time they have ever been portrayed in English by someone other than their original actor.
Also Appears On: Smite (Game), Ren & Stimpy (Franchise), Rocko's Modern Life (Franchise), Danny Phantom (Franchise), My Life as a Teenage Robot (Franchise), Nickelodeon (Collection)
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