Franchise: Hello Neighbor

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Attachment When the first episode of the Hello Neighbor animated series debuted on YouTube, series publisher tinyBuild unprofessionally and unsuccessfully attempted to encourage MatPat of The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists YouTube channels to make a video on it by sending him public messages on Twitter such as "I believe @MatPatGT will enjoy dissecting this frame by frame" and "Yes @MatPatGT you should totally reply to our DM". These tweets have since been deleted, and have become a minor meme of sorts. tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik would later claim on The Game Theorists' subreddit that he felt the tweets were "the cringiest moment of [his] career".

In 2024, shortly before MatPat's retirement from YouTube, he would analyse the cartoon frame-by-frame to pay tribute to the meme.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month January 22, 2024