Franchise: Family Guy

In a 2016 Family Guy episode titled "Run, Chris, Run!", footage was used from a YouTube video of a glitch in the NES game Double Dribble by user Sw1tched without permission from either Sw1tched or Konami. This would result in the footage being added to YouTube's content ID system as Family Guy footage and accidentally removed. The video was eventually reinstated after intervention from show creator Seth MacFarlane.
Also Appears On: Double Dribble (Game)
Attachment When the Street Fighter skin set was released for Fortnite, a back bling of an arcade machine was released that would show attract mode footage from Street Fighter II. Coinciding with this, a texture was found in the data, under the name "FrenchFry" showing animation from Family Guy in a similar format. While many believed this confirmed that Peter Griffin was planned to be featured in the game alongside a back bling that would show Family Guy clips, it was later stated by a reputable Fortnite leaker named FNBRUnreleased that the Family Guy content could've only been added for one of two reasons: to annoy dataminers, or to internally test the Street Fighter graphics in a humorous way.
Also Appears On: Fortnite (Game)
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