The Mortuary Assistant
The Mortuary Assistant
August 2, 2022
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In 2022, YouTuber CoryxKenshin posted a video titled "YouTube: Racism and Favoritism", where he describes his experience trying to figure out why his playthrough of "The Mortuary Assistant" was age-restricted, despite the fact that numerous other YouTubers' playthroughs weren't age-restricted. His video was eventually reuploaded, but after discovering that the scene that supposedly got his video demonetized was kept perfectly intact in videos that weren't age-restricted, he sent an email to his representative bringing up accusations of racism and favoritism against the YouTube team. This lead to not only his video being age-restricted once again, but also fellow YouTuber Markiplier's video (which Cory had used as an example of non-age-restricted videos containing the scene) on the game being age-restricted as well.

CoryxKenshin's callout video lead to numerous other YouTubers (such as penguinz0, SomeOrdinaryGamers, and Jacksepticeye) responding to echo his sentiments, bringing up issues such as how YouTube's appeal system always churns out rejected appeals regardless of content, how the issue isn't about siding with the more "ad-friendly" YouTuber (Cory always censors his swear words, and is arguably more ad-friendly than someone like Markiplier), the need to improve the system AI that flags videos, and the overall lack of transparency from YouTube themselves. Perhaps most notably, however, was Markiplier's response: in a video titled "Try Not To Get AGE-RESTRICTED Challenge", Markiplier plays the game Orc Massage, about an orc working at a massage parlor. Unsurprisingly, the game is highly suggestive in nature, though the video itself is heavily censored to comply with YouTube's guidelines. Ironically, Markiplier's video on Orc Massage has yet to be age-restricted.

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