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December 3, 2014
iOS, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Bossa Studios
Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle, Simulator
1 Trivia
July 18, 2007
Legacy Mobile Device
Kemco, Vanpool
Adventure, Indie, Role-playing (RPG)
1 Trivia
October 31, 1995
Android, DOS, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Acclaim Entertainment, Cyberdreams, DotEmu, Nightdive Studios, The Dreamers Guild
Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle
4 Trivia
October 5, 2007
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle, Shooter
1 Trivia
September 9, 2003
Nintendo GameCube, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2, Xbox
Argonaut Games, Namco, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI), Zoo Digital
1 Trivia
June 1, 1984
Atari Games
Arcade, Platform, Shooter
1 Trivia
November 16, 2010
Nintendo DS, Wii
Activision, Big Blue Bubble
Adventure, Simulator
1 Trivia
January 30, 1985
Family Computer, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, Wii U
Nintendo, Nintendo R&D1
Arcade, Platform
2 Trivia
September 24, 2001
PlayStation 2
Sony Computer Entertainment, Team Ico
Adventure, Platform, Puzzle
14 Trivia
November 5, 2012
Android, iOS
2 Trivia
January 27, 2007
Arcade, Xbox 360
Bandai, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Metro Corporation, Namco, Namco Bandai Games
Music, Simulator
1 Trivia
February 19, 2009
PlayStation Portable
Namco Bandai Games Asia
Music, Simulator
1 Trivia
September 1, 2008
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Remar Games
Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter
1 Trivia
March 1, 1986
Arcade, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
SNK, Tradewest Inc
Arcade, Shooter
1 Trivia
March 29, 2001
AIA USA, Crazy Games, Electro Zoo, Sega
Adventure, Puzzle
1 Trivia
November 27, 1993
Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Enix, Nintendo, Quintet
Role-playing (RPG)
2 Trivia
October 23, 2012
Nintendo 3DS

1 Trivia
December 2, 2020
Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Chengdu, Ubisoft Kyiv, Ubisoft Montpellier, Ubisoft Odesa, Ubisoft Pune, Ubisoft Québec, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Singapore
Adventure, Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG)
1 Trivia
February 3, 2016
PC (Microsoft Windows)

Adventure, Indie, Puzzle
1 Trivia
August 30, 2004
Arcade, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2
RedOctane, Roxor Games
Arcade, Music
1 Trivia
June 24, 1999
Arcade, PlayStation
Polygon Magic, Tecmo, Titus Interactive, Tokuma Shoten
Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Quiz/Trivia
1 Trivia
April 10, 1997
DOS, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Attention To Detail, Eidos Interactive, Silicon Dreams Studios
Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
1 Trivia
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Cyberdreams, Go-Go Interactive Studios
1 Trivia
October 26, 2004
Mac, Nintendo GameCube, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2, Xbox
Heavy Iron Studios, THQ
Adventure, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Platform
2 Trivia
October 24, 2005
Mac, Nintendo GameCube, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2, Xbox
Heavy Iron Studios, THQ
Adventure, Platform
1 Trivia
June 1, 1992
Amiga, DOS, Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Disney Interactive, LucasArts, U.S. Gold
Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle
3 Trivia
November 23, 1999
Nintendo 64, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Gradiente, LucasArts
Adventure, Fighting
3 Trivia
July 1, 1989
Amiga, Atari ST/STE, DOS, FM Towns, Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Fujitsu Interactive, Lucasfilm Games
Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle
1 Trivia
September 16, 2005
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Xbox
Atari, Inc., Quantic Dream
3 Trivia
October 8, 2019
Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
505 Games, Lab Zero Games
Adventure, Indie, Platform, Role-playing (RPG)
1 Trivia
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