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Franchise: Jaws

Attachment Shark Jaws was originally intended to be an official Jaws tie-in game, but plans fell through - however, Atari still went through with the game, putting the word "JAWS" in large letters on the game's promotional but having "SHARK" be much smaller. To avoid a potential lawsuit, Atari released the game under the pseudonym "Horror Games", similarly to what it had done with Kee Games prior.
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Name This Game was a gimmick release with a self-explanatory title. Originally conceived as a Jaws game for Parker Brothers, it was rethemed with an octopus for Quaker Oats' U.S. Games branch after the license fell through - while U.S. Games originally intended to release it under the name Guardians of Treasure (a combination of creator Ron Dubren's suggestions of Guardians of the Deep and Treasure of the Deep), it was decided to make the game's name the subject of a contest where players could win $10,000 for providing a title for the game. U.S. Games was dissolved by Quaker Oats before the name could be chosen, leaving the game without an official title.
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