Code Reference

Basic Text Formatting
[b]Bold[/b] = Bold
[i]Italic[/i] = Italic
[u]Underline[/u] = Underline
[s]Strikethrough[/s] = Strikethrough
[*] Bullet Point = • Bullet Point (please be sure to include the space - it makes things much easier to read)
[color=name or hex]Text[/color] = Text (red or #ff0000 in this example)
[spoiler]Spoiler Text[/spoiler] = Spoiler:Spoiler Text
[size=#]Text[/size] = Font Size: # = 24 in this example (valid range 8-30)

[url][/url] = (opens in new tab/window)
[url=]VGFacts[/url] = VGFacts (opens in new tab/window)
[urli][/urli] = (opens in same tab/window)
[urli=]VGFacts[/urli] = VGFacts (opens in same tab/window)
Note: URL links must start with http:// or https://

Paragraph Formatting
[align=left]Text[/align] =

[align=right]Text[/align] =

[align=center]Text[/align] =

[title]Text[/title] = Text
[blockquote]Text[/blockquote] =
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[hr] = (horizontal rule / dividing line)

[img]URL[/img] = Posted Image
[youtube]Video ID[/youtube] =

Internal Links
The following can be used to directly link to entries on the site:

[[Super Mario Bros.]] = Super Mario Bros. (Game Name Link)
[[Super Mario Bros.|Mario]] = Mario (Game Text Link)
{{Mario}} = Mario (Franchise Name Link)
{{Mario|Super Mario}} = Super Mario (Franchise Text Link)
{[Mario Golf]} = Mario Golf (Collection Name Link)
{[Mario Golf|Golf]} = Golf (Collection Text Link)
((PC (Microsoft Windows)|)) = PC (Microsoft Windows) (Platform Name Link)
((PC (Microsoft Windows)|PC)) = PC (Platform Text Link)
({Nintendo}) = Nintendo (Company Name Link)
({Nintendo|Nintendo of Japan}) = Nintendo of Japan (Company Text Link)

Note: As shown in the PC name link, if an entry ends in the same character that closes the tag, you can insert a pipe (|) with nothing after it to fix the broken link. This works for all internal link types.