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Battlefield Hardline
Several weapons have an extremely rare chance of using a special reload animation.
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition
Because the 3DS needed third party support when it was first released, Nintendo appreciated Namco's efforts on Tekken 3D, and the two became closer. This eventually led to Namco Bandai assisting Nintendo in developing Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
In the Hall of Doom, a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who can be found. Every time you move the camera away from it, its hands will move from its face and then cover it back.
Mortal Kombat (2011)
During development, Sub-Zero’s human form was going to have a counter move called, “Icy Counter.” But it was given to his Cyborg form instead.
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
According to Rare staff member Tim Stamper, the developers of the GBA remake intended to include both Eveline Novakovic's soundtrack from the SNES version and the new soundtrack by David Wise. However, space limitations on the GBA cartridge and time constraints forced the staff to solely use Wise's soundtrack.
Young Justice: Legacy
The game was originally also going to be released for the Wii and Wii U consoles, however, due to multiple issues with the ports such as quality issues and lack of retailer support, they were canceled.
Sonic X-Treme
Contributed by WoopeTon33
There was originally a character in the game called Tiara Boobowski, but due to the game being cancelled she didn't make her debut.
Sonic Adventure
Contributed by WoopeTon33
Knuckles originally had an uppercut move but it was cut for unknown reasons.
Grand Theft Auto V
The store name "SUPERSONIC - The Ultra Fast Ring Specialist" is most likely a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic Rush
Contributed by Takahashi2212
The song "Wrapped in Black" contains a fiddle sample that plays throughout the track. While it is commonly assumed to be from the song "Snow Town" from Grandia, the sample is actually a Garageband loop titled "Nordic Keyed Fiddle 01". Along with this, the brass sample the accompanies the fiddle is also a Garageband loop; "Orchestra Brass 03".
The Itchy & Scratchy Game
Within the game's code are conversations between Bart and Lisa that go unused. This could suggest that it was originally intended for there to have been cutscenes that played between levels, but the idea was dropped during development.
Mobius Final Fantasy
One of Wol's, the main protagonist, outfits was altered to show less of the side of his body because it was seen as too sexy.
Dragon Ball Online
The Yardrat species in the game appear drastically different than to how they appeared in the Dragon Ball Z anime.

This could be because Dragon Ball's author, Akira Toriyama, never provided them with an appearance in the original manga as they were only mentioned, and he wasn't heavily involved in the television series. Toriyama was heavily involved in Dragon Ball Online and provided them with a look for the game.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Despite the game being available only in Japan, the game is mostly in English.
Doom 3
Contributed by MightyKombat
In the PC version of the game, should the player attempt to input any of the original Doom or Doom II classic cheat codes (IDDQD, IDKFA etc.) into the game's console, the console will print out a message saying "Your memory serves you well!" This otherwise has no beneficial effect for the player.
Dragon Ball: Origins
In Australia, the game was recalled from store shelves after it was deemed that the rating it was given, PG (Parental Guidance recommended), didn't suit with the sexual references in the game. The game was later available for sale again after it was given a more mature rating.
Series: Mass Effect
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
To create an establishing visual look for the game's world that could compete with the likes of Star Wars' visual style, long smooth circular arcs were incorporated into all of the characters, aliens, ships, armor and weapons, and even the logo. The style was inspired by some of the artists working on the game, especially from the artwork by one of the game's artists, Syd Mead.

Because the previous generation of games couldn't achieve smooth polygons, this style was instrumental in convincing the public that Mass Effect was a real next-gen game.
Dragon Ball XenoVerse
The parallel quest, "Super Saiyan Legend", is a reference to the Super Famicom game of the same name. It also includes that game's hidden boss battle with Vegeta at the end. During the quest, if the player allows Frieza to kill Krillin and then defeats him while keeping Vegeta alive, Vegeta will then become a Super Saiyan and attack the player.
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Near the end of the game Spoiler:where The Dark Crafter flees towards outer space, Elline and Claycia work together to turn Kirby into a rocket and chase after it. After Elline swipes Kirby once with the rocket picture she painted, Kirby will look almost exactly like Coo from Kirby's Dream Land 2 before Kirby is swiped again, turning him into a rocket.
Hyrule Warriors
An early screenshot shows the Lizalfos enemies with the designs from Skyward Sword as well as a differently designed Heads Up Display.


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