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Command & Conquer
Contributed by Dazz
The game's developers received criticism for a controversial advertising campaign that saw a billboard posted up next to a free-way with the text "Previous High Scores" displayed about previous and then current dictators from around the world.
Demon's Souls
Contributed by G-Haven
If the player equips the Ring of Sincere Prayer, the animation for casting Miracles changes from the default fists held together to the newer both hands open and thrown above the head. This pose reappeared in the next From Software game Dark Souls as the ever popular "Praise the Sun!" gesture.
The pose itself was almost never included in Demon's Souls, as according to director Hidetaka Miyazaki "When I presented the game to the rest of the company I showed them that pose and one of the higher ups told me it just wasn't cool enough. Of course I told him I'd get rid of it but I secretly kept it in the game."
Dark Souls
Contributed by G-Haven
The Brass Armor set which is worn by the Darkmoon Knightess was originally a starter-set for a class that was described as a "Pagan Knight." However, there was trouble with balancing it, so it was ultimately given to the Darkmoon Knightess found later in the game.
Super Mario 3D World
Contributed by G-Haven
An unused song, listed as "" can be found on the game disc. It is unknown what or where the song could have been used.
Contributed by G-Haven
The cousin "Ichigo" shares her name with the Japanese word for Strawberry, which is also why her outfit has a strawberry pattern.
Street Fighter X Tekken
When talking about his working relationship with Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada stated that he is someone who, "just kind of comes and goes as he pleases, and makes his own desk."
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
The Super Smash Bros for Wii U game disc contains an unused character file simply titled "Rhythm". This could mean that a character from Rhythm Heaven was intended to exist in game, but was cut during development.
Life Is Strange
When searching Victoria's room, if the player examines the TV, Max will refer to Final Fantasy: Spirits Within as one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.
Tekken 6
Contributed by Stryker94
According to Katsuhiro Harada, the game was released for the Xbox 360 because of fans requesting to have the game on different systems. This eventually led to the release of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition on the 3DS.
Series: Tekken
Contributed by Stryker94
Part of the reason Tekken games were initially only released on Playstation consoles was due to the similarities between the console and arcade hardware.
The Itchy & Scratchy Game
The text "TOAST!" is loaded into the console's ram in the SNES version of the game for every level, but there's no explanation for why.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
According to the game's creative director, Shinji Mikami, the staff hid rhinoceros beetles in the game without him knowing.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
There were plans to make a special edition that featured an alternate black suit. However during production the plan fell through.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
A lot of the game was inspired by the anime Casshern, with a heavy emphasis on speed for gameplay. The background visuals were initially influenced by the movie Tristan + Isolde, but the staff ended up using a personal style.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
On the campaign level "Throttle", it's possible to find an RPG Launcher by climbing to the top of a column and onto a glitched part of a building. The building can be located behind one of the turrets that the player needs to destroy. The RPG appears to be a leftover asset from previous Call of Duty titles, and was likely left by a developer by accident.
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
According to Katsuhiro Harada, he and his team wanted the Mushroom Battle mode to have many different items, similar to the variety of items in the Mario Kart series. However, Nintendo believed that this would've been too much of an extension to the game's standard gameplay, and so the plan never followed through.
The Warriors
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Actor Roger Hill, who played Cyrus in the original film which the video game is based on, filed a lawsuit against Take-Two and Rockstar Games demanding $250k in damages for them using his likeness in the game without his permission.

In a statement from Rockstar Games, they said Rockstar Games "has a valid third-party license for the rights to use Roger Hill's likeness and the character of Cyrus in The Warriors video game and related marketing materials". Hill had been approached prior by Rockstar to provide his likeness and voice for the game, but declined to be involved.

Cyrus's voice in the game was instead provided by a sound-alike.
Series: Kid Icarus
Contributed by Artwark
The eggplant wizard was implemented due to Toru Osawa having a passion for eggplants.
Pokemon Emerald
The Mirage Tower, exclusive to Emerald, may be a reference to a tower with the same name which appears in Final Fantasy. Both appear in a desert, only appear under certain circumstances, and contain a spiral-shaped dungeon.
Saturday Night Slam Masters
When finishing the game with Alexander The Grater without any continues, the ending dialogue reads "Hold on there Ol'hoss, I ain't never wrestled a dry Piece of Beef Jerky before! I can't grind ya so".
The last line is supposed to read "I's gotta chew ya apart!", but it gets cut off.


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