About Us

VGFacts aims to be the best source of gaming trivia on the web, striving to provide trivia from reliable sources to make sure we're not feeding you made-up information. This trivia ranges from weird facts about the game's development, unused content to, well, just about anything trivial about games!

The videos attached to each game provide a visual and auditory version of trivia and they often go into more depth. These are made by a variety of people and are put online regularly!

This site also aims to do more than just bring together odd little bits of game trivia; it also tries to bring together the people who enjoy said trivia - people just like you - the guys who really like to know the ins and outs of games, or even just those who like to see a weird little fact and go "Huh, that's pretty darn neat."

The site is part of a network of sites run by the admins, Shane Gill, Daniel Brown, and Peter Manse. Each of us brings our own unique skills to the table, and we'll all do our best to meet your demands!

Shane also runs a site called DidYouKnowGaming? (and is known on here as DidYouKnowGaming), which will sometimes pick up trivia from this site to display as well as discover some interesting bits of trivia himself! What's cool about that is that the trivia will then spread wider! You'll still get recognition for your submission of course, and even more people will get to check it out!

Daniel (known as Dazz) runs The Spriters Resource, which is a well known site for finding unused beta content left in games, as well as a bunch of other little bits of trivia that can only be found via the game's data files!

Peter (known here and pretty much everywhere else as Petie) manages the server that most of the network is hosted on and is an adept web developer with experience designing, creating, and managing these sorts of systems. This site wouldn't exist without him!