One of the clues in the "TV Twosomes" category falls victim to a glitch. The clue in question is "Number of Agent 86's Partner on TV's *GET SMART*". The correct question, "Who is Agent 99?" is not accepted as correct by the game, not even from a computer player. This is because 9 is used as a separator byte in the game, leading to the computer misreading the answer as simply "Agent".
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In the category "Frosty Flicks", for the question "In a Disney cartoon, she falls under the evil spell of Queen Malificent", the incorrect answer has been programmed in. The answer should be "Sleeping Beauty", however the answer which the game wants is "Snow White".

Queen Malificent was the main villain in the Disney film adaptation of Sleeping Beauty where as in Snow White the villain was the Evil Queen, also known as Queen Grimhilde.
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