Fire Emblem - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. BalrogTheMaster
The S-ranked bow Rienfleche has an incorrect description in the US localization, claiming it functions like a brave weapon in that it allows the user to attack more often, which is untrue. The EU localization fixed this by giving it the correct description. This error is not present in the Japanese release.
Contributed by Mr. Kite
Although it is confirmed in Fire Emblem: Binding Blades that Wolt is the son of Rebecca, she can still die if her health reaches 0, thus causing a paradox. This is likely a development oversight.
Contributed by Thewelshyoshi
In the game exist 4 unused animations for spells. They are actually all from the game's predecessor Sword of Seals, much like the Ballista animations. The animations that exist in the game and are yet unused are of Zephiel's ranged sword attack, Roy's Sword of Seals ranged attack, Fa's Divine Dragon breath, and Iduon's Dark Dragon breath, which is mirrored towards the player due to the weapon being enemy only in it's respective game.
Contributed by Zigludo
The Ballista weapons used by archers usually make the game default to using no animations for the attacks, although the animations for archers actually using them exist in the game and were used in the game's Japan only predecessor, Sword of Seals.
Contributed by Zigludo