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Franchise: Ratatouille

Attachment An early prototype version of the SD version of Ratatouille appears to be based on early concept content for the movie that has never been released by Disney or Pixar. Notably, the game features a different logo with a Tricolore motif and humorous font, and Remy's design appears skinnier and has a purple tint.
Also Appears On: Ratatouille (Game), Pixar (Collection)
Attachment Grand Chef, the Ratatouille keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III, has two bottles of champagne attached to its handles - the artwork on these bottles originates from a poster briefly seen in the movie, but is more commonly associated with a controversial cancelled Ratatouille-branded wine that was intended to be sold in Costco in 2007, but pulled before it could hit shelves due to concerns relating to underaged drinking. While the iteration in the movie shows red wine, the iteration on the wine bottle shows an olive tone of wine - the Grand Chef keyblade features both colors for the wine.
Also Appears On: Kingdom Hearts III (Game)
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