Pokemon Gold and Silver were planned to be the last Pokemon games.

Ishihara: That's right. After we released Red and Green, we began working on these titles, thinking that the ultimate in Pokémon games could only ever be Gold and Silver.

Iwata: Not in your wildest dreams did you think that you'd be making more and more games after Gold and Silver. (laughs)

Ishihara: The reason that I licensed so many products and developed things like the trading cards was basically to ensure that Gold and Silver were successful. I felt that this was my primary role. So at that time, I worked with the assumption that after we put out Gold and Silver, my work as far as Pokémon was concerned would be done.

Iwata: I see.

Ishihara: So for me, Gold and Silver represented the finish line.

Iwata: They were the finish line?

Ishihara: I didn't intend to make any more Pokémon titles. I even thought that once we entered the twenty-first century, it would be time for me to do something else entirely. (laughs)
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