There are numerous unused items in the game's code, all of which can be accessed with cheats. These include:
• A blue fish, possibly used to test the fishing function.
• DUMMY, a glitch item appearing as a white triangle with Japanese text on it reading "ダミー", which translates to "DUMMY", hence the name. Once in an Igloo, you obtain the item in a similar way to other furniture. The animal might want to play a game where he or she will ask you to pick two cards. One card you have to buy something and one card you will get a free prize. The prize card may sometimes be a DUMMY card.
• A glowing yellow box that moves back and forth, can push the player around (sometimes making them float), and can modify the spread of Paper Airplanes.
• A tool labeled "Sickle", which makes the player function as if they had nothing in their hands. Strangely, it appears as a toolbox when dropped, a feature that only appeared in Wild World and New Leaf.
• An "Unknown Item" that appears in the player's inventory as a box with a question mark, and appears in homes as a clone of the DUMMY item.
• Paper Airplanes, which, if you place on the ground, walk off screen, and come back, will duplicate itself. Pressing the A button while on top of the paper airplane will make it disappear visibly, but will still exist in the system's memory. Letting the airplane multiply too much can crash the game.
Contributed by game4brains