During day 3 at the Romani Ranch, you can trigger a conversation where Romani tells you that that night is finally the night when she gets to drink Chateau Romani. According to the sisters, the properties of Chateau Romani are so potent that children aren't allowed to drink it under normal circumstances, drawing parallels with alcohol in the real world. It's also only served in the Milk Bar, where children aren't allowed, and is only open at night. The scene at the ranch unfolds with Cremia stating that she acknowledges Romani's adulthood, and asks her little sister to sleep in her bed tonight. Cremia dishearteningly utters "See you... Tomorrow... OK?" while Romani cheerfully adds "See you tomorrow!"

It seems as though Cremia knows that they're about to die, and is giving Romani the drink to dull her senses, so that she remains blissfully unaware of their destruction.
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