The number 7 is very prevalent in the game.

• AVALANCHE resides in Sector 7 of Midgar.
• Tifa's bar is called 7th Heaven.
• At the start of the game, seven people are either living or staying at the 7th Heaven -- Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Marlene, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.
• The books in the Shinra Mansion library shelves form the letters "VII".
• The red plane in Costa Del Sol harbor has "VII" painted on the side.
• The Gold Saucer has seven areas of attractions.
• The Ancient Forest has seven treasures.
• The Turtle's Paradise awards seven items for completing the flyer-hunt sidequest.
• Aeris and Ifalna were held captive by Hojo for seven years.
• It's been seven years since Cloud left Nibelheim to join SOLDIER.
• Tifa spends seven days unconscious before waking up after the Weapons awake.
• Red XIII tells the party that Meteor will reach the Planet in seven days.
• Cloud levels up to level 7 in the first battle.
• If a unit's HP hits 7,777 during battle they enter All Lucky 7s status.
• The "lucky" handicap reel on the Battle Square is called Lucky 7.
• Most characters have seven different Limit Breaks. The exceptions are Cait Sith, who has two but with various different outcomes, and Vincent, who has four, but each form has two special attacks. This makes for seven characters who have seven Limit Breaks.
• There are nine main playable characters, but only seven are mandatory.
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